Catalogs allow you to view your product data (e.g., online store products, subscriptions, articles, room types, etc.) that is ingested in Intempt. Catalogs are usually further organized into hierarchies of items called categories and include various properties about the items like name, image, features, descriptions, size, color, weight, price, availability, and so on.

The catalog you create depends on your industry and the nature of your business:

  • If you are an eCommerce/Retail company, your catalog would include products (SKUs) that you sell in your store
  • If you are a streaming service provider, your catalog would include movies and TV shows that users can stream from your platform
  • If you are a SaaS platform, your catalog would include the various products that your users subscribe to
  • If you are a hotel, your catalog would be the list of different types of rooms you control

Creating a new Catalog

NOTE: To create a catalog first you need to meet these conditions:

  • Source that has a product type collection
  • Collection in the source needs to have primary keys and product identifiers configured

Go to Catalogs and select "Create catalog."

Select the source collection that you want to use as the catalog lookup.

Viewing the catalog

After creating the catalog, you can access the product data in the table.

You can edit the table view by clicking the "Edit columns" button to select the columns you want to see.

With filters, you can apply specific criteria narrow down your product list.

If you want to see all associated product properties, click on the row on the table. On the next screen, you will see the product details page with all associated product data.