Attributes explained

Logic behind attributes

Attributes are based on data items that you import to Intempt via sources. The main difference between a property "email" in the source collection vs. an attribute that is created based on the property is that the attribute is "above" source level - it is a meta object that unifies user's or account's data.

The main reason why we created attribute logic was to avoid data siloes when using multiple data sources. Imagine this example - you have the same email property from a Shopify source and from a web source. Users might have different emails tracked from these sources. Which property should you prioritize?

This is the problem we are solving with attribute mapping functionality. With Intempt attributes, you can create a single attribute that has a logic to unify values across multiple similar properties (like email fields for Shopify and web source) so you can have a unified way to use user and account properties for all targeting or personalization cases.