Managing a Fit & Activity model


After creating the Fit & Activity model, you can review its results in the "Overview" tab.

Fit & Activity distribution: This column categorizes leads based on different Fit & Activity combinations. As Intempt normalizes the scores to low, medium, and high, you have 9 different distribution variations if you select both Fit & Activity models to be configured.

Users: This column lists the number of users, or leads, that fall into each category of 'Fit & Activity distribution.

% of users: This column shows the percentage of the total lead pool each segment represents.

Notes on Distribution:

  • High fit / high activity: These are your ideal customers who are both a great fit and highly engaged. They are usually a smaller but very valuable segment.
  • High fit/medium and low activity: These users are a good fit but may need more nurturing to increase activity.
  • Medium fit / high activity: These are engaged users who may not meet all the criteria of a perfect fit but are still very valuable.
  • Medium fit/medium and low activity: This is typically the largest group, as it represents the average user.
  • Low fit / varying activity: These are the users who are less likely to convert as they donโ€™t fit the ideal customer profile well, regardless of their activity level.

The percentages reflect a typical funnel where many users might be interested in your product (medium fit/medium activity). Still, a smaller percentage are highly engaged and well-aligned with your ideal customer profile. The "Scoring matrix table" helps you focus on users most likely to convert while identifying which users could be nurtured to improve their fit and activity levels.

Updating model

You can update the Fit & Activity model by selecting tabs on the settings page and editing the configuration.


Good to know

After each model change (that is saved), the model needs to be recalculated before you can view the new values. It may take up to 30 minutes for recalculation to be completed. The time required depends on the user count in the project.

Using the Fit & Activity model for targeting

After creating the model, it will appear in the targeting dropdowns that support using calculated attributes (e.g., segment editor, personalizations, journey triggers, etc.).

After selecting the relevant Fit & Activity model, you will be able to individually select Fit and Activity criteria and select its condition based on the available values: low, medium and high.