Getting started

Destinations are integrations that receive data from Intempt to trigger specific actions like sending emails, messages or simply syncing attribute data.



Destinations only become active when you add them to a created journey or playbook - they will not start sending data unless you trigger them with specific workflows.

When you send data from Intempt to a destination, Intempt will automatically make the right API calls to move the data to the destination.

Destinations can be selected from these categories:

  • Twilio - for sending SMS messages.
  • SendGrid - for sending emails.
  • Freshdesk - for sending tickets to a service desk.
  • Webhook - for sending HTTP requests to third-party applications.
  • Slack - for sending Slack notifications to channels and users.
  • Hubspot - for syncing data from Intempt back to Hubspot.


The Destinations can be accessed under the Data platform section. From the Destinations page users can:

  • Access the list of created destinations
  • Access the destination itself
  • Search for the created destination
  • Filter the destinations
  • Create new destinations
  • Edit created destination names'
  • Delete the created destinations