Destinations are integrations that receive data from Intempt to trigger specific actions like sending emails, messages or simply syncing attribute data.

When you send data from Intempt to a destination, Intempt will automatically make the right API calls to move the data to the destination.

Use cases

  • Trigger messaging workflows to your customer via journeys
  • Send internal notification emails and Slack messages to your team
  • Send custom payload messages via webhooks

Where to start

Destinations can be selected from these categories:

  • Twilio for sending SMS messages.
  • SendGrid for sending emails.
  • Gmail for sending emails directly from your connected Gmail inbox account.
  • Webhook for sending HTTP requests to third-party applications.
  • Slack for sending Slack notifications to channels and users.



Destinations only become active when you add them to a created journey - they will not start sending data unless you trigger them with specific workflows.