NodeJS SDK server-side source allows you to collect server-side data, you're pulling data from the servers and databases you own. NodeJS is a runtime environment for Javascript) that’s popular because it lets you run scalable, real-time applications.

The initialized NodeJS server-side SDK source will automatically collect the following events, segments, user attributes with data-rich properties:

  • User identification information - exported function to automatically track users.
  • Recording events - exported functions for certain event tracking such as Identify, trackConsents
  • Tracking consents - consents are tracked using Intempt's exported function.

How to create a new NodeJS source

Under the Sources object, locate and click on the Add new source button and select the NodeJS source option.


Add a descriptive name for the selected source.


Once the source is configured you will need to add the Intempt tracker snippet to your site.