Journey analytics


Journey analytics allow users to access the analytical composition of the active journey, such as Flowchart and key Metrics of the configured journey components.

Accessing the Journey analytics

NOTE: Journey analytics can only be accessed when a Journey has been started.

Once the Journey has been started, it will start gathering the data. Journey analytics can be accessed via the designated tab in the upper part of the Journey window.

The Journey analytics Statistics tab provides a graphical and numerical representation of key statistical metrics of the journey, including the conversion goals (if they have been configured prior to starting the journey).

Date range granularity

The Statistics graph and table can be adjusted for the date range. By selecting the desired date range granularity (Day, Week, Month, Year) users can select the desired period from the calendar. The calendar will be showing the dates based on the selected range granularity.

Trigger selection

In the event that a user has created a journey with multiple triggers when accessing the Statistics tab, users have the availability to access the Statistics graph and table for each journey with a different trigger. To do so, there is a selection of different triggers (if there are multiple triggered journeys).


Users are able to compare the Statistic graphs to previous periods, in particular:

  • Previous day
  • Previous week
  • Previous month
  • Previous year
  • Custom date range

By selecting the comparison option via a drop-down, a dotted lined graph will be displayed showcasing the comparison selection.

Graph types

Users can visually access the information by specifying the graph type:

  • Line chart
  • Stacked line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Stacked bar chart
  • Pie chart

Statistics table

Users can access the journey statistics in a table form. In the table, all of the journey-related statistics are presented in numerical form. The table can be accessed below the Statistics graph.

Key statistics

The key statistics are tracking the journey events. Based on the tracking, you can select the core statistics for each Action made, such as:

  • Send email
  • Send SMS
  • Send ticket
  • Send Slack notification
  • Send Webhook

Conversion statistics

The conversion statistics will be displayed only when users have configured the goals and exit rules before starting the journey. Otherwise, users will not be able to access the conversion statistics at all. When journey goals & exit rules have been configured and the journey has been started, the conversion statistics will be visible on the Analytics page, Statistics tab. The configured goal and/or exit will be displayed in the table and marked accordingly as goal and exit.