Journeys is a campaign and workflow planning-execution tool in Intempt. It lets you visually automate engagement workflows to deliver omnichannel campaigns based on user behavior. You can apply complex steps, delay logic, and yes/no conditions at each journey step to ensure your message is sent to the micro-targeted user segment.

Use cases

  • Welcome flow engagement. Convert new subscribers into loyal customers with 3-5 messages designed to build relationships and encourage first purchases.
  • Sticky feature adoption automation. Decrease users’ time-to-value and increase activation rates with the ability to build campaigns aligned with key milestones in your product — like setting up a high-value feature or adding a teammate to an account.
  • Multi-step abandonment recovery. Utilize a multi-flow strategy for cart and browse abandonment to improve results and recover more potential sales.
  • Tier-based engagement automation.Segment users based on their recency, frequency and monetary scores to enroll them into journeys that match their lifecycle stage with your brand.
  • Post-purchase upsell. Build on the successful conversion of a lead to a first-time buyer and drive towards that crucial second purchase, turning them into repeat customers.

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