Live data feed

Live data feed provides a streaming, chronological, real-time view of all your custom and auto-tracked events. This is a great tool for testing that your Intempt SDK is installed correctly and that your events are working properly.

To see your live data feed, click Live data feed under Events in the main nav. When you first launch the page, events start to scroll automatically. You can pause and unpause the live stream by clicking the "Automatically load new events".

Labeling raw events in Live data feed

For each raw event, the Label column will either show the name of a matching virtual event or provide a button to label the event if it has not yet been labeled.

To label new events from the Live data feed:

  1. Click on the row of the raw event that you want to label to open up the event detail pane
  2. Click "Create event"
  1. Name your event and apply additional filters (if required)
  2. Click "Save" to create the event

Filtering events

You can filter raw events by event or user attributes. To add a filter, click the "Filters" button.

Choose the attribute, operator, and value you want to filter on, and then click Apply Filters to start viewing the filtered live event stream.

Filtering by device type can be helpful to make sure your iOS SDK is implemented correctly.

Filtering by event attributes can help you determine whether the CSS selector you are using for your event is working properly (i.e., whether it’s not too specific or too broad).