Personalizations analytics

You can view your personalization performance via the “Results tab.”

Depending on how many experiences you have created within the personalization, you will see each of them listed based on individual metrics selected.

  • Control group represents the group of subjects that are set aside and do not receive the content with modifications.

  • Unique views measures the number of customers that viewed the experience.

  • Conversion specifies the number of users that triggered the metric

  • Conversion % % specifies the percentage of users across the audience that triggered the metric

  • Conversion value is only displayed if the conversion event of the metric is “Value of an event property”

  • Lift shows the difference in improving conversion rate by %  in the variants compared to the control group (customers that received unchanged web page experience).

You can view the chart below the table based on the same properties as in the table columns.

You can view the results in the chart based on different aggregations:

  • Daily - all results will be displayed on a day-to-day basis. This means that you will see time-series data like conversion rate for a specific day within a timeframe.
  • Cumulative- all results will be summed and incremental. For example, if on day 1 you had 1000 unique views and on day 2 it was 2000, on day 3 you will already see 3000 unique users—this is a cumulative result.


Before starting your first client-side personalization, please ensure you follow these recommendations so the content is rendered properly:

  • Don't apply changes on the same element or section on your website in more than one personalization. This can create content rendering conflict that will cause the personalization to fail.
  • Create experience targeting, considering that only one experience will be served within any given personalization. This applies to situations when a user matches multiple experiences within the personalization. If there is a tie - experience with a higher priority will be served.