Attributes allow you to define characteristics that represent your user's or account's properties. They can be used in the segment editor filter and target specific audiences. They allow you to:

  • Determine merge strategy
  • Define attribute mapping
  • Update names and descriptions

The Attributes object can be accessed under the Audiences section. From the Attributes page users can:

  • Access the list of created events
  • Access the event itself
  • Search for the created event
  • Filter the events
  • Create new events
  • Edit created events names'
  • Delete the created events
  • Duplicate the created events


How to create an Attribute

Under the Attributes object, locate and click on the Add new attribute button. Add a descriptive name for the attribute.


Choose the attribute type:
  • Users
  • Accounts

From the switch, select the Regular.

NOTE: Extracted refers to manual attribute creation, where you will need to map the attributes from the source configured.


Merge strategy

You can define rules on how attributes should be updated once the user is identified (his profiles are merged) or new data is pushed to the attribute (for example, user attribute location changed from United States to United Kingdom):

  • Most frequently used value - the value of the property that was used the most times
  • First stored value - if both user profiles have a value, the oldest value (with the oldest timestamp) is used for the attribute
  • Most recent value - keeps the value that was the last set
  • Keep all - the values from all attribute values are kept

Attribute mapping

Select the attribute that will be linked to this data item. Only collection fields that were checked in the schema editor as Attributes will appear in the list.


Assigning User and Account attributes

In the Sources schema editor, select the fields that will be used as user/account attributes - these data objects should have information about the user (e.g., age, location, gender etc.). If selected, these collection fields will be available to be used in the segment editor - to filter users by their attributes.