Access management


Intempt gives you tools for feature access control and team member groupings with role-based access inside of an organization and project.

Organization roles

Roles can be assigned and edited by the organization owner and admin. By default, the organization's creator is assigned as the organization owner.

Organization owner

Owners have full read and write access rights to each and every setting of the created organization, including access to administer organization settings, and team members, deleting the organization. By default, there can be only one organization owner; this role is assigned automatically to the person that created the organization.

Organization admin

Admins have full read and edit access to all features and settings of the organization. Admins have full access to administer organization settings, team members, project creation, and billing.

Organization member

Organization member rights are assigned when adding a new member to the organization or changing the access rights of already existing organization users. Organization member access rights can be assigned by the organization owner or organization admin. Members only have read-only access to the organization (settings, users, and billing) and the project to which they belong.



If you invite any new team member to a project (not organization), they are automatically assigned organization member role. You can later change their access in the organization settings.

Organization Billing admin

Organization billing admin has access to the payment of the invoice and receiving the invoices (in par with the organization owner and organization admin. There can be only one billing admin in an organization at a time.

Organization memberBilling adminOrganization adminOrganization owner
Viewing and querying project dataOnly if invitedOnly if invited✅✅
Inviting new members❌❌✅✅
Billing management❌✅✅
Project creation and deletion❌❌✅✅
Project settings management❌❌✅✅
Organization settings management (incl. memberships)❌❌✅✅
Transferring ownership❌❌❌✅
Organization deletion❌❌❌✅

Project roles

Organization owners and admins are automatically assigned project admin rights. Other project members need to be invited by admins or project members. The project creator is automatically assigned project owner access.

Project Owner

Project Owners have full read and edit access to everything in the project. Owners have full edit access to all permissions, including deleting the project.

Project Admin

Project admins have full read and edit access to all data in the project and can edit project settings.

Project member

Project members can view, and edit project data. However, they don't have access to change the project settings.

Project read-only

Project read-only members can only view but not edit and create project data. However, they don't have access to change the project settings.

Inbox manager

Inbox manager is a special role in the project specifically tailored for sales team members that only need to view the inbox and their target leads/accounts. Compared to the member role, the Inbox manager can only access the project's inbox, playbooks, and lists. We recommend using this role for sales team members that don't need access to the full complexity of the GrowthOS.

Project memberProject read-onlyInbox managerProject adminProject owner
Viewing project data✅✅❌✅✅
Editing project data✅❌❌✅✅
Viewing/editing inbox, playbooks & lists✅✅✅✅✅
Inviting new members❌❌❌✅✅
Project settings management❌❌❌✅✅
Transferring ownership❌❌❌❌✅
Project deletion❌❌❌❌✅