Shopify integration automatically syncs your Shopify store's data to Intempt, allowing you to use your historical order and customer data to further acquire, retain and monetize your customers.

The initialized Shopify source will automatically collect the following events:

  • Order placed/updated. These activities are generated as the order status progresses between statuses.
  • Customer created/updated. New customers are created via Shopify or their properties are updated.
  • Checkout abandoned. The abandoned checkout activity is generated by Shopify based on a customer starting a checkout and not completing an order after 90 minutes. They may still complete an order after 90 minutes so it is important to use this activity in conjunction with the Place order activity to determine if a recent checkout is still in an abandoned state.

Adding Intempt app in the Shopify store

Before you can create a Shopify source within Intempt, you need to create an app in your Shopify store.

First, sign in to your Shopify store (you need to have admin rights). Locate and click the Settings tab and click on it.

In the Settings click Apps and sales channels tab.

In the Apps and sales channels tab click and locate the Develops apps for your store button.

Click the Create an app button.

A window will appear where you need to specify:

  • App name - Intempt
  • App developer - email address of the app creator

Go to the App development tab, where you can find your newly created app (in this case - Intempt). Click on the app, and you will enter the app configuration window.

Click and locate the Configure tab (highlighted in red), where you will be able to set up the Admin API integration.

In the Configuration tab, locate the Admin API integration line. On the line click Configure. In the Admin API access scopes window grant the following permissions/

Additionally, you, as an app creator, can add extra access to your app. For Webhook subscriptions, select 2022-07 (Latest).

Click Save.

Click Install app.

On the created Intempt app, in Shopify, go to API credentials tab and copy the following (you will need this to set up the integration with Intempt):

  • Admin API access token

NOTE: you can view the token only once. In order to view it again, uninstall the app and reinstall it once again.

How to create a new Shopify source

Go to Sources and select "Create source" -> Shopify option.

Enter your shop API key and Shop URL and click the Connect Shopify button.

Once the integration has been successful, you will be notified with a checkmark icon.

Once connected, as a final step, configure the syncing intervals with the source.

By default, Intempt will sync all data available in your store. However, you can also select a custom sync time if you don't want to ingest all of the historic data.

Sync interval means how frequently Intempt will sync the data from your Shopify store. The default and recommended timeframe is 1 hour.

Once the source is created, you can always update the sync schedule and frequency in the overview tab.