Stripe integration can be used to sync the following Stripe data into Intempt in real-time:

  • Customers - Intempt can import your Stripe customers into Intempt as accounts. When done, we'll add a wealth of new Stripe-defined traits to your Intempt profiles, such as the expiration of the customer's credit card, the plans they are subscribed to
  • Revenue data - Intempt also imports your historical paid invoices from Stripe so that you have immediate, accurate insight into the purchase history of every account in Intempt

How to create a new Stripe source

Under the Sources object, locate and click on the Add new source button and select the Stripe source option.


Add a descriptive name for the selected source.


Connect to your Stripe account to integrate with Intempt by clicking the Connect Stripe button. Afterward, you need to enter your Stripe account credentials and confirm the integration with Intempt.


If the integration has been successful, you will be notified with a green check mark icon. From this screen, you can also change the name of the Stripe integration.


Once connected, as a final step, configure the syncing intervals with the source.


After creating the Stripe source, it will start gathering the Customer and Revenue data and funneling it into Intempt.