Getting started

API keys allow you to provide view or edit access rights to Project objects from a single screen in the Intempt UI.


Users with assigned Project Owners or Project Admins have the rights to access the API keys settings panel. It can be reached from the Project Settings page, under the “API keys” tab.


Generating new keys

First, click on the Add API key button and select the desired APIs.


Select for which object the API key should be generated: either for all objects or specific ones.


Permission selection

Next, select the permissions you would like to associate the API key with the object. For example, for a certain object, you can assign View-only rights, and for others - Read-only.


Key issuance

After clicking the Save API key button, you will be issued with the API key. Please copy it and store it somewhere safe, as you will not be able to see the key once again, you will have to generate a new one.

Regenerating keys

To regenerate an issued key, first select it from the list of the issued keys, where you be able to access the key access information.


Click on the Regenerate button and you will be issued with a new token. Please store it somewhere safe, otherwise, you will have to generate a new one.

Editing and deleting

The API key's permissions can be edited at any time by entering the key and changing the access settings for Project objects.

The API keys can be permanently deleted by clicking on the trash icon or the Delete button from the API key.