Getting started

API keys interface allows you to view, create, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate API credentials from a single screen in the Intempt UI.

Accessing API keys

Users with assigned Project Owners or Project Admins have the rights to access the API keys settings panel. It can be reached from the Project Settings page, under the “API keys” tab.

Generating new API keys

You can generate 2 types of API keys

  • Full access. Allows the API key to access GET,PUT,DELETE and POST endpoints withing your project. We recommend using this API key for source access and other use cases that require creation privileges.
  • Read-only. Allows the API key to access GET (read) endpoints only within your project. We recommend using this API key for limited access in case of security concerns.

Getting the API key

After creating the APK key, you will be able to view it - please copy it and store it safely, as you will not be able to see the key once again. If you lose your API key, you will need to regenerate it or create a new one.

Regenerating keys

You can regenerate the key by accessing it from the API key list view.

Click on the "Regenerate" button and you will be issued a new API key.

Editing and deleting

The API key's permissions can be edited anytime by changing the access settings via the API keys list.

The API keys can be permanently deleted by clicking on the trash icon.