Through the Intempt platform, you can send global SMS, MMS, and chat messages from any app, and ensure deliverability using Twilio's APIs.

How to create a new Twilio destination

NOTE: before creating a new destination, make sure to register a Twilio account and receive access to:

  • Phone number - the number used in your Twilio console
  • Account SID - available on the general settings page of the Twilio console
  • Auth token - acts as a password

Under the Data platform tab locate and click the Destinations object. Once in the object, click on the Create destination button and select the Twilio destination option.


Add a descriptive name for the selected destination.


Configure your destination by inputting the following credentials from your Twilio account:

  • Phone number
  • Account SID
  • Auth token


As a final step, set up attribute mapping for the selected destination. It ensures that your database is properly synced with the destination schema.