Personalizations allow you to make real-time visual changes on your website or application based on specified targeting conditions. It takes a piece of your site, like the promotions on the homepage, and swaps that content out for different behaviorally targeted audiences. You can create a new personalization for each site section where you want to deliver targeted experiences.

Use cases

  • Homepage customization. Change the content of the homepage or landing pages based on the user’s past interactions, demographics, or session behavior
  • Geo-targeted offers. Offer personalized offers based on the user’s geo location
  • Personalized navigation. Adjust the navigation menu to highlight categories or pages the user has shown interest in, making it easier for them to find their preferred sections
  • Dynamic testimonials. Showcase relevant case studies or testimonials that resonate with the user’s industry or use case to demonstrate value and build trust.
  • Behavior based CTAs for ICPs. Adjust CTA buttons or messages on the website and in-app based on the user’s lifecycle stage, encouraging them to take the next step in their journey, whether it's upgrading or utilizing a new feature.

Where to start

Client-side personalization

Server-side personalizations

Personalization analytics