Users & Accounts


Users & Accounts lists aggregate and organize a collection of user and account profiles. This allows getting a detailed view of users or accounts to:

  • Display and count users based on defined filtering criteria
  • Explore their unique history
  • Share and export the lists
  • Add created lists to a dashboard

The Users & Accounts object can be accessed under the Insights section. From the Users & Accounts page users can:

  • Access the created lists
  • Search for the created lists
  • Filter the lists
  • Create new lists
  • Duplicate the created lists


Creating a new list

Under the Users & Accounts object, locate and click on the Add new list button. In the pop-up window, enter a descriptive name for the list and click the Create list button.


Once the list has been created, you will have the ability to configure it the way you want by:
  • Users
  • Accounts


Users can narrow down the Users & Accounts lists by applying filters. It is possible to add multiple filters simultaneously. You can filter by the following categories:

  • Events
  • Collections
  • Attributes
  • Segments
  • Metrics

Editing columns

Users can create the list as they wish by specifying which columns should be shown. You can select columns to be shown from the following categories:

  • Attributes - aggregate values for user or account properties that have a custom-defined merging strategy (for example. “Country” attribute).

  • Profiles - all profile-related information that Intempt automatically records when a new user is tracked. It includes Master Id, Account Id, user identifier, and Updated Properties

  • Metrics - any aggregates that require custom calculations combining different collection fields or events (for example “Revenue” metric)


User & Account properties

To access more detailed information regarding each user and event stream of the user, simply click on the user from the list. The user or account properties (depending on the list type) page provides the following information:

  • Master ID
  • Profile ID
  • Account ID (for an account)
  • First seen
  • Last seen
  • Identifier

Event steam

The Event stream section shows which Events the user or account has triggered. To view more specific information regarding the triggered event - simply click on it. In addition, users have the option to view the information in a Raw (code) format by clicking the Info/Raw switch.


Refresh button

Once the User of the system has gained access to the Properties page, the Event stream is paused and shows the latest information. However, to view the up-to-date information, users should click on the Refresh button to refresh the event stream with the latest Events.


Users list within an Account

To gain access to the list of users within an account, in the Properties page you should click on the View account users button.