Accessing the details page

User & Account properties

To access a detailed view of an account or user, click on a selected row within the table. The user or account properties (depending on the list type) page provides the following information:

Profile information


Manual scores

Device technology information (only available for users tracked via web tracker)

Location (only available for users tracked via web or iOS trackers)

Privacy information(only available if consents were tracked)

Account (only visible if the user belongs to an account)

Sources & segments (you can get an overview to which segments this user belongs and on what sources the data was tracked)

Event stream

The Event stream section lets you view the full history of the user's or account's actions tracked within Intempt. The left side section shows the timeline of all events the user triggered, and the right side section allows viewing all properties associated with a selected event.

Data refresh

You can select "Refresh" to get the most recent data about the user or account.

View users within an account

To view the list of users within an account, select "View account users."