Intempt Documentation

Learn how to use Intempt to grow your business with all-in-one Customer Lifecycle AI.

What is Intempt?

Intempt directly connects to all your customer tools and syncs in real-time consent-protected customer data building a map of all interactions - what they browse, what they buy and allowing you to create many AIs to understand why! And then Intempt gives a full suite of tools we’re calling a GrowthOS to create smart handoffs between marketers, sellers, and AIs that assist.

Intempt simplifies collecting data, connecting new tools and multiple data intelligence operations, allowing you to spend more time using your data, and less time trying to make it work.

Watch this video, and we’ll show you exactly how marketers and sellers on your team can collaborate to do more effective acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Intempt difference

Aligns your Marketing & Sales teams around the customer for more streamlined data and operations. Intempt ensures smooth interoperability between marketing & sales teams for inbound and outbound activities - to stop chasing the same customers in disconnected tools.

Ditches data/app silos with an all-in-one GrowthOS to avoid data silos and juggling across multiple tools to get your job done. Perform efficient GTM operations by unifying, activating, and analyzing customer data within a single platform.

Leverages AI for growth to stop relying on backward-looking, manual data activation efforts to reach your KPIs. Powerful AI capabilities are no longer reserved for those that have data science teams. Create, train, fine-tune, and activate models in under 5 minutes to predict any customer action.


  • Customer Data Platform - collect data from multiple sources to create a single source of your customer data.
  • Audiences - build real-time segments with all your customer data, then sync across all your tools in real-time.
  • Journeys - visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns based on your customer’s behavior, attributes, and lifecycle stage.
  • Insights- explore your customers’ full experience across all devices to understand how each interaction affects the entire customer experience.
  • Predict - with a few clicks, build AI models to predict the customer's next action.
  • Experiments - perform fast A/B tests with CUPED methodology and launch web personalization campaigns.


The best way to explore Intempt Platform is by reading these pages and signing up for an account.

You can always email a real human at [email protected]. The founder reads every single email and a team member will get back to you. We are here to make you and your team successful with Intempt Platform!