Billing, MTUs and Add-ons

This guide will help you understand the Billing strategy, MTU, and Add-on policies of Intempt.

Billing cycles

At Intempt we provide customers with two available billing cycles: Monthly and Annual. On the monthly cycle, your billing cycle starts the day after your 14-day trial ends. You’re billed on this day for each month while you’re on this plan.

On the annual cycle, you’re billed at the end of your 14-day trial for the amount of an entire year of service, including a specific number of MTUs. Annual plan subscribers are billed for MTU overages at the end of each monthly cycle.

Free trial

If you cancel your plan during the 2-week trial period, you don’t incur any charges

The MTU count used in the trial is reset after the paid subscription starts. For example, if you have used 3,000 MTUs in the trial it will not be transferred to your new paid subscription billing cycle (it will start from 0).

What is an MTU?

Monthly Tracked User (MTU) is a way to estimate your billing based on the number of your customers performing an event in your platform each month.

At Intempt, there are two MTU plans to choose from Growth or Enterprise. For each plan, you can decide how many MTUs to track.

MTU calculation

An MTU is a visitor who performs a qualified event during the month period independently whether they have been identified or not. Each time new users visit your website or use your app, they are tracked as anonymous users, and a unique User Profile is created for them with a master_id. Intempt gets the data from multiple sources and automatically populates their profiles with respective first-party data such as events.

The Organization is charged on the total number of MTUs across all projects, meaning that if your customer performs qualifying events in various Projects, they are counted once per Project.

Data usage

If you have questions about your data usage, you can refer to your Organization Billing page. From there you will be able to access the Current plan details, current MTU count, and Add-ons.


Exceeding plan limit

In the event, that you exceed your plan usage over the prepaid amount, Intempt will not be stopping the subscription and you will still retain your data up until the next billing period. However, you will be charged an à la carte rate for any data you use over your allotted limit. The additional data rate for plans purchased online is 20% of the plan's unit price. Additional Data charges accrued for the current month will be listed on the following month's receipt.

Example: Let’s say you are on a 10,000 MTU Growth plan, but in the month of January, you went over your 10,000 MTU allotment by 1000 MTU. Around January 1st, you would have paid your base monthly fee for January of $266.08. Then around February the 1st, you will pay your base monthly fee for February of $266.08 plus the January additional data rate charges you incurred.

Upgrading the subscription

You can upgrade your Growth plan subscription at any time. The Growth plan has multiple MTU packages - ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 MTUs. If you notice that your average MTU count is above the one selected in the plan, you might want to select an MTU package with a higher MTU threshold. Please note that any overages above the package size are charged 20% extra of the base MTU price.

When you upgrade your plan, you will be charged for the difference in price and the upgrade will be applied to your subscription immediately.

Example (monthly subscription): the plan is updated and the following calculations are made: you are charged $342,74 (15,000 MTU) with a proration applied for the unused days in the older package. A single month has 30 calendar days, so $266.08/30 x 15 = $133,04 proration is applied to the new $342,74 subscription, and the final charge is $342.74-$133.04=$209,70. From the next billing cycle, you will be charged the full sum for the plan - $342,74.

Example (yearly subscription): you are subscribed to a monthly Growth plan subscription with a 10,000 MTU ($266.08) package. In the middle of the monthly billing cycle (15th day), if you want to upgrade to the Annual 15,000 MTU subscription ($3495,94), you will be charged $3495,94-$133,04 (prorated monthly plan cost adjusted for the unused days) =$3362,9.

To upgrade your subscription, from the Organization Billing page simply click on the Change plan button for the selected plan.


Afterward, select the desired MTU count and confirm the payment details.


Downgrading the subscription

You can downgrade your Growth plan subscription at any time to a lower MTU package tier. The downgrade will apply at the end of your current billing cycle. You will continue to have access to your original subscription level until then. At the end of your current billing cycle, the downgrade will apply and the billing will automatically adjust to reflect the downgraded cost. These rules apply the same way for both annual and monthly subscriptions.

Please note that any overages above the MTU package will be charged an extra 20% per MTU.

Example: you have subscribed for the Growth plan at 10,000 MTU ($266.08) and you have downgraded to the 5,000 MTU tier. Your actual usage for the billing period was 9,500 MTU so you don’t need to pay any extra. After the billing period ends, you are charged for a new 5,000 MTU tier of $154.93. Your actual usage for the month is again the same - 9,500 MTU. However, after the billing cycle ends you are charged extra for the 4,500 MTU overage 4,500 x 0.037=$166.50. The combined cost for the MTU overage and the monthly subscription would be $154.93+$166.50=$321.43. This is a $55.35 difference so the customer is better off not downgrading the plan even if he is not using all MTUs in the package.

The downgrading of the plan can be done from the Organization's Billing page by clicking on the Change plan button and selecting the desired MTU count.


Canceling the subscription

You can cancel your subscription and keep using your account until your paid period expires. Then the account will become inactive/disabled until you reactivate the subscription.

Example: If you cancel your plan or downgrade before the end of your official billing period on the monthly Growth plan, you’ll receive a final bill for the subscription. Any overages incurred will be stated in the invoice after the billing cycle ends.

The cancelation of the subscription can be done from the Organization's Billing page by clicking on the Cancel subscription button and selecting the desired MTU count.



You can add an Account add-on to the existing subscription at any time. The Account add-on is charged +25% of the base price cost. If the add-on is added at the start of the billing cycle, it is charged the full amount. However, if the add-on is added at any other time, a proration is applied for any unused days within a billing cycle.

If the Account add-on is added, the following functionality is enabled on the platform:

  • Account identifier
  • Account attributes
  • Account segments
  • Account lists
  • Account-based reports


Taxation is based on your entered billing information. After selecting the desired MTU package, subscription type (monthly or annual), and add-ons, you will be requested to provide your payment and billing address details.

Based on your entered billing address, on par with the subscription package, you will be provided with the taxable amount. For example, in the European Economic Area, customers are obliged to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT). However, customers situated in the United State have - Sales tax.