Intempt's API source gives complete freedom in designing your custom integration with Intempt. API is a blank source where you can create any type of event collections you want and populate them using our direct REST API.

It is useful if you need an advanced integration that our SDKs may not yet support accessing our public APIs directly for:

  • Data ingesting
  • Getting event matches
  • Getting segmentation information
  • Choosing experiments
  • Choosing personalization campaign experiences


Create the API source

Under the "Sources" page, select the "Create source" button and then the "API" option.

Create the API key

Refer to API keys to create unique API keys that you can use in your project to authenticate SDK access.

Use the API reference

You can start directly sending the data to the source by leveraging the available Intempt APIs.

Ensure that you use the correct authentication data:

  • API key
  • Project name
  • Organization name
  • Source ID or Collection ID