Intempt's API source allows you to use total freedom in designing your custom integration with Intempt. API is a blank source, where you can create any type of collections you want and populate them using our API.

The API key of the source is shown on the overview page. You can access the next Intempt’s endpoints with the API key to create a custom integration with your service:

  • Data ingesting
  • Getting event matches
  • Getting segmentation information
  • Getting attribute values
  • Getting metric values

NOTE: the API key of this source should be kept your secret and shouldn’t be exposed in public.

How to create a new API source

Under the Sources object, locate and click on the Add new source button and select the API source option.


Add a descriptive name for the selected source.


Once the source has been configured you can access the API key, which will help you create custom integrations with your service. API Gateway reads the key and compares it against the keys in the usage plan.