HubSpot source allows you to bring your company, contacts, and deals-related data from HubSpot into Intempt to enrich existing user profiles, create targeted segments & sync them with other marketing tools to personalize engagement.

After creating a Hubspot source, you will be able to use these events:

  • Contact created/updated. A new contact is created or updated in Hubspot CRM.
  • Company created/updated. A new company is created or updated in Hubspot CRM.
  • Deal created/updated. Refers to an event or action when a new deal or opportunity is created or updated within the CRM system.
  • Email delivered/opened/clicked. Email events tracked via Hubspot's marketing suite.
  • Form submitted. Form submission event tracked via Hubspot web tracker.

How to create a new HubSpot source

Go to Sources and select "Create source" -> Hubspot option.

Connect to a HubSpot account by clicking the "Connect Hubspot" button.

After clicking the Connect Hubspot button, you will be redirected to a HubSpot pop-up window to enter your HubSpot account credentials and confirm connecting the app.

Clicking the "Choose Account" button will result in the HubSpot Account connection with the Intempt platform. Once the integration has been successful, you will be notified with a check mar icon.

Once connected, as a final step, configure the syncing intervals with the source.

By default, Intempt will sync all data available in your store. However, you can also select a custom sync time if you don't want to ingest all of the historical data.

Sync interval means how frequently Intempt will sync the data from your Shopify store. The default and recommended timeframe is 1 hour.

Once the source is created, you can update the sync schedule and frequency in the overview tab.