With Intempt, you can create a source for each website or app you want to track. While it’s not required that you have a single source for each server, site, or app, we highly recommend creating a source for each unique source of data. The more data sources you have - the more advanced data targeting and insights you can configure.

Use cases

  • Ingest event data from selected sources
  • Configure attribute mapping for a one-way or a two-way sync with the data source
  • Configure data sync schedule (for cloud apps)

Where to start

Event stream sources

Event stream sources collect data from your website or app to monitor user actions. These sources include website libraries, mobile and server sources.

  • Javascript SDK Track all data flowing through your website.
  • iOS SDK Track all data flowing through your iOS Application.
  • Node.js SDK Send data directly from your servers. We recommend tracking from your servers when the client-side tracking doesn’t work.
  • REST API Send your data directly to our HTTP Tracking API. Preferred source if you don’t have a library for your environment yet.

Cloud apps

  • HubSpot Sync HubSpot contacts, companies, and deals from your CRM.
  • Shopify Sync your orders and customer data from your Shopify store.