Getting started

In Intempt, you can create a source for each website or app you want to track. While it’s not required that you have a single Source for each server, site, or app, we highly recommend creating a Source for each unique source of data.

Sources can be picked from the below-listed categories:

  • Web Tracker - for tracking all data flowing through your website.
  • Mobile/iOS tracker - for tracking all data flowing through your iOS Application.
  • API Source - send your data directly to our HTTP Tracking API. Preferred source if you don’t have a library for your environment yet. Allows to manually create collections, relations, identifiers, etc.
  • Cloud apps - empower you to pull together data from all of your different third-party tools into the Intempt database or select destinations.
  • Stripe - import your Stripe customer and revenue into Intempt.
  • Hubspot - sync HubSpot Contacts & Companies with all your other tools through Intempt’s Customer Data Platform.
  • CSV - import your data from a physical CSV-type file or from one of the data feeds options.


The Sources object can be accessed under the Data platform section. From the Sources page users can:

  • Access the list of created sources
  • Access the sources itself
  • Search for created sources
  • Filter the sources
  • Create new sources
  • Edit created source names'
  • Delete the created sources