Data import


You can import the data to Intempt directly via a CSV file import functionality.

How to Import data

First, you need to examine the file you want to upload. Look at the columns in the file - each column will represent a property inside a collection.

Before importing the file, you must create a matching collection with properties that exactly map the columns in the CSV file.

In this example, we need to create a collection with these data items:

  • userid (string, profile identifier)
  • name (string)
  • email (string, user identifier)


Be careful!

Property names need to exactly match the column names.

Once the collection is created, you can upload the file. Go to the "Data import" tab where you created the collection.

After clicking on the "Import data" button, you need to select the collection that will match the uploaded file's schema and upload the CSV file.

After uploading the file, you can check its status in the "Data import" table.