Managing growth boards

Updating growth boards

If you want to update a created growth board, you can do so by clicking the "Manage" button. A new window will appear where you can see the currently selected objects in the growth board and select new ones.

Date range

The created Growth board can be adjusted for the date range. By selecting the desired date range granularity (Day, Week, Month, Year), you can select a required period from the calendar. The calendar will be showing the dates based on the selected range granularity.

Editing the growth board

You can edit the growth board by adding or removing the object. You can also drag and drop the Growth board blocks to change the layout. As for each individual block, you can:

  • Change the chart type
  • Refresh data
  • Delete it

Resizing the layout

You can change the layout of the growth board by dragging and dropping the individual elements at the top right corner of the objects. Growth boards can also be horizontally and vertically resized.


When you enter a Growth board, it will be displaying the most recent data available. Growth boards do not update dynamically as you are in them. To refresh the data, click on the Refresh button at the top of the Growth board which will result in the refreshing of all Growth board objects.

TV mode

TV mode is a full screen mode for the growth board that can be accessed via "Save" button dropdown.


You can export the growth board in either a PDF or JPEG format. When selecting the Export option, a file in the stated format will be downloaded into your local environment.