Creating SMS templates

Creating an SMS template

Under the Journeys tab locate and click the Messaging object. Once in the object, click on the Create template button and select the SMS option.

The SMS composer consists of three parts:

  • From field - the number, shortcode, or Alphanumeric ID you’re using to send the message
  • To number - the number that the message is headed to; your user’s number
  • Message body - this is where your message’s content goes

NOTE: you can use Liquid here to send to your customer’s phone number, or to address them personally if you’d like. Just make sure you have the right attributes for that user.

Personalize SMS messages

You can personalize your SMS message with selected attributes. You can type the attributes manually directly into the message body or use the user filtering options to add attributes from the existing attribute list.

Send a test SMS

To make sure your SMS works, you can send a test message by clicking on the Send test SMS in the top right-hand corner of the composer. You’ll see a modal, into which you can enter a phone number to which you can send your message.

Using SMS templates

After the SMS template is created, you can use it in the Journeys builder to send SMS messages. You simply need to create a Send SMS block and select a relevant SMS template from the list.