# Intempt Platform


Intempt Platform is the Pipelines, Audiences and Analytics Platform for fast-growing companies. It allows marketers, product, and engineering professionals to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase lifetime value and effortlessly extract, transform and load any data.

# Key Features

# Unify

Intempt's Identity Resolution algorithms links different user identifiers like email or phone number from multiple different tools and databases into a single, unified profile.

Intempt treats all data in isolation. Merging rules are intelligent, secure, and fully configurable.

# Segment

Build real-time segments with all your customer data, then sync across all your tools in real-time.

Intempt's segmentation can be as complex as you need, so you don’t have to build or invest into alternative tools.

Use unlimited combinations of:

  • User traits and attributes
  • Events
  • Event property filters
  • And/or filters

# Orchestrate

Transform the data to create your perfect customer journey. Use Intempt Segments to group customers based on their behavior and attributes.

Define the steps and progress through the customer lifecycle. Control which experience they have with your brand.

Sync profile and segment data across every sales, marketing and service tool. Orchestrate a consistent, personal experience with every person and every interaction.

# Reliable data infrastructure

Intempt Platform APIs and SDKs enable businesses to build innovative personalization on their Apps and leverage the benefits of its open architecture that allows you to import any data that can be described in Apache Avro (opens new window) schema.

Intempt Platform is designed for internet-grade transaction volumes and speeds. Our platform uptime and response time can be found here (opens new window).

# Support

The best way to explore Intempt Platform is by reading these pages and signing up (opens new window) for an account. You can connect with us on Slack (opens new window) and at our Help Center (opens new window).

You can always email a real human at success@intempt.com. The founder reads every single email and a team member will get back to you. We are here to make you and your team successful with Intempt Platform!