# What can I do with Intempt Platform?

Intempt Platform enables you to:

  • Bring your Data Sources to aggregate data from your Apps, Servers and other Marketing, Sales and CX Apps you may use.
  • Embed value into any action — be it an upvote, a like, a store visit, repeated views of a product, purchases, reviews, tweets and so on.
  • Process user data in real-time: high volume, real-time into actionable Segments.
  • Impart value to, and empower your end-users through the Personalized Experiences delivered at scale to the endpoint via Web, SMS, email, Push, or Physical Mail.


Intempt Platform APIs and SDKs enable businesses to build innovative personalization on their Apps and leverage the benefits of its open architecture that allows you to import any data that can be described in Apache Avro schema.

Intempt Platform is designed for internet-grade transaction volumes and speeds. Our platform uptime and response time can be found here.