# Web SDK

# Overview

Intempt's Javascript source, makes it simple to send your data to any tool without having to learn, test or implement a new API every time.

The initialized Web SDK source will automatically collect the following events with data rich properties like url, referrer, geo-location, and date-time from your website or web app:

  • pageviews (page visits)
  • clicks (on links)
  • form submissions (including the data that was submitted with the form)

To learn more about how you can use Intempt tracker for custom event tracking check out Github documentation (opens new window)

# Browser support

Please note the Web SDK source currently only supports modern browsers, including:

  • Chrome 8+

  • Android Browser 3+

  • Chrome for Android 53+

  • Safari 9.1+

  • iOS Safari 5.1+

  • Firefox 47+

  • Opera 15+

  • Internet Explorer 10+

# How to create a new Web source

To add a new data source, go to “Data”, select “Sources” (opens new window).

Next, select the Web source.


Choose metric or segment templates (optional). Selecting these templates will automatically create segment/metric templates after you finish creating the source. Once the templates are created, you can edit them to speed up the configuration process.


As a final step, add a descriptive name for the selected source.


Once the source is created you will need add Intempt tracker snippet to your site. The snippet should be included on every page of your web app. Ideally, it should be placed within the <head> tag or otherwise be loaded as soon as possible on each page. The Intempt web SDK is lightweight (under 30KB depending on your configuration)