# SaaS Use Case

An Example of What's Possible with Intempt Platform

# Acquisition Workflow

# Step 1: User Segmentation

User: Mark is a SaaS company executive who manages the photo-sharing app's marketing and sales app Fortimo. However, Mark struggles to increase customer retention. After 6 months, his app's user churn is almost 80%.


Mark decides that he needs to find a way to increase his user engagement via behavioral messaging. He searches Google and finds an article on the topic in the Intempt Blog. The blog article seems to be insightful.


Mark checks out the links for other related SaaS articles in the Intempt Blog. After reading three other articles, Mark decides to check out what Intempt does – he is interested to know more about personalization and how it can be implemented.


Intempt Platform: After Mark enters the Intempt website, his interactions are tracked by the Intempt Web Tracker. After Mark reads three articles tagged with the "SaaS" label Intempt Platform automatically assigns him to the "SaaS prospect segment." The whole web experience will be personalized according to the segment now Mark is.

# Step 2: Personalized Web

User: Mark clicks on the company logo and is redirected to the homepage of the site. It seems that Intempt is focusing on precisely what Marks needs for his app – personalized user onboarding. He thoroughly reads all the content on the homepage on how Intempt can help SaaS businesses to increase customer retention and reduce churn.


Intempt Platform: the whole homepage content is rearranged to fit Mark's behavior on site. Mark sees only use cases that are linked to SaaS solutions. Text, images, and layout are changed according to the segment Mark is assigned.

# Conversion Workflow

# Step 3: Start free

User: Marks notices a link to try the Platform free. After reading all the content, Mark is convinced that it is worth giving the shot. Mark signs up for the Intempt app and begins his onboarding process. He reads all the related articles on how to use the Platform for SaaS businesses and create personalized onboarding journeys.

Intempt Platform: all the content provided to onboard Mark is adjusted to suggest only help articles specifically targeted to support his case (SaaS).


# Retention Workflow

# Step 4: Personalized Onboarding

User: Mark goes through the whole step-by-step onboarding process. He creates an organization and a source to track his customer's journey.

Now Mark needs to create an event. After checking the explanation, Mark clicks on "Create an event," adds the name, selects the source (already created), and adds a filter. Mark checks the console's home page - 4 steps are green-ticked here. The final part is to create a segment. He repeats the same process – clicks "Create a segment," names it, selects an event (created previously), and saves the segment.


Intempt Platform: The whole onboarding process was carefully curated to guide the user through the right sequence of steps. All the operations are closely connected and had to be done in the order, because:

  • You can't create a segment, without creating an event.
  • You can't create an event without creating a source.
  • You can't create a source without creating an organization.


User: Mark figured out how the Platform works: "That was easy," now let's start onboarding customers for the Fortimo app."

# Use Case Explained

The whole onboarding process shows how you can personalize your user experience in real-time. Mark entered the Intempt site from the search engine as an anonymous user. However, after just a few clicks, Intempt Platform recognized his interactions and assigned him to the SaaS segment. All the experience Mark received next was in alignment with his expectations.

This encouraged Mark to try the Platform. Based on Mark's segment, the Intempt app also rearranged it's "How To" content to guide Mark based on his industry position. The whole step-by-step source-event-segment creation process quickly familiarized Mark with the console features and working mechanics. Now Mark is ready to use the Platform and build his own segments for the Fortimo app.