# Proximity SDK

# Overview

With Proximity source, you can set your Beacon iOS SDK source and create multiple Beacon-tracked spaces based on the size and location of your premises.

# How to create a Proximity source

To add a new data source, go to “Data”, select “Sources” (opens new window).

Next, select the Proximity source.


Add a descriptive name for the selected source.


Saving the “Proximity iOS SDK” source will generate a custom identifier (UUID) that you will need to input into your beacon settings and a Source Token that you will need to add to your app. Copy the code snippet generated and paste it to SceneDelegate.swift or SceneDelegate.m (depending if you are using Swift or Objective-C)


If you want to set beacons for multiple locations or premises (e.g., Hotel New York or Hotel’s Lobby), you need to create a new “Space” for each place.

# How to Create A Space


  • From the “Source” dropdown select the “Proximity iOS SDK” you created in the previous step (e.g., “Hotel”)
  • Click “Add Device”
  • Enter the major/minor values shown on your beacon manager into the window “Add Device” window. Important: every Major and Minor should be unique between spaces


Hint: you can add multiple devices per created location or create a new location for each device. The decision should be based on the size and complexity of the premises.


# Major/Minor values

For every beacon device, you need to set Major and Minor values. These values should be based on location hierarchy. Major values stand for large premise types (e.g., 1 would stand for the 1st hotel floor) and Minor stand for smaller premise types (e.g. 121 would stand for hotel room number). Make sure to enter Minor and Major values in both the Intempt console and your Beacon manager.