Conditions functions as a gate - it will stream customers who match the specified condition through the match (green) output connector and customers who don't match through the don't match (red) output connector.

How to get started

You can add conditions to any action. To do so, drop an item into the workflow, and/or click to edit it. In the edit panel, you’ll see an option to add action conditions.
Here, you can specify which conditions a user should meet to be passed to the next step of the journey.
If they do not meet the conditions, a user will go to the red output connector. If no connectors are attached to the red output, the user automatically exits the journey.

Different types of conditions

There are 3 types of conditions you can create - event, segment, or attribute-based.
Each of these conditions allows you to select different types of data objects to pass the customers in the journey flow.

When should you use Conditions?

Conditions are great when you want to manage different workflows within one logical journey.
Some examples:
  • Channel targeting: send an SMS message, but only if the customer has a phone number
  • Tailored onboarding: skip tutorial messages if your users have already completed those tasks, to keep your emails relevant
  • Segment your messaging: send custom content to users based on segment membership