# Workflow

# Overview

Here we will cover how to create a journey workflow - select a trigger and action to activate your destination.

# UI elements

# Main configuration

  • Save button saves the journey, the second option allows you to delete the journey.

  • The sidebar icon toggles on/off the action/trigger view (right sidebar).

  • Enable/disable toggle activates or deactivates the journey.


# Operator configuration

Action/trigger configuration (right sidebar) allows you to create workflow configuration. To edit the name of the action/trigger, click on the pencil icon. If you want to remove the action/trigger, click on the trash icon.


# Workflow

# Select a trigger

Click on "Add a trigger" box and select a trigger from the list.


You can read more about the event triggerred and segment triggerred journeys here.

# Select an action

Now you can select an action to engage the users who have triggered an event or a segment.

To select an action, click on the plus icon. A list of the actions will appear on the right sidebar. You can find the list of all actions with their descriptions here.


A new action box will appear in the journey workflow. Click on the box to configure the action.

You will need to choose a destination associated with the selected action.


The same process goes to adding any other new action to the workflow.

Note: Intempt supports and an unlimited count of actions in the journey.

# Save the journey

Once all the actions are configured, you can save the journey and start engaging your users.

Click on "Save" and make sure that the toggle "Enable" is set to "On".