# Controls

Controls let you control the Journey experience by spacing out communication over a desirable period to avoid coming across as being pushy or spam.

# Delay

Use delays in triggers of a journey to send actions (like emails) to a user after a certain amount of time has passed. For example, if a user purchases something from your store, you can specify a delay of two days after the purchase to send them a message that contains recommendations on what they can buy next.

When you create or edit a trigger, you can specify how long you want the trigger to wait (in minutes, hours, days or weeks) in the When section.

You can also determine a specific time after the delay end period ("Resume on"), when the journey flow should continue. For example, you don't want to send emails to users at night, so you can configure that the delay will pass the flow only during specified time window. Make sure you select the appropriate timezone for the users who will experience the journey.


# A/B testing

Allows to split customers into two or more distinct groups based on the specified ratios.

Custom traffic distribution allows you to manually specify to what percentage of your total audience will each variant be shown.

By clicking "Add variant" you can set up any number of variant that will branch the flow.

After that, you can add any action to the branched flow (for example 3 email send actions) to test which variant performs best.

Also, you can mix different channels in the branched flow (e.g., compare SMS action vs Email send action).

See the "Analytics" section to understand how to view the results of the A/B testing.