Useful Definitions
Average order value - the average revenue recorded across all events that record a trackcharge property and which occurred within a measured population.
Collections - schemas for events or data of a certain type, while collection data items represent specific pieces of data in that collection.
Conversion event - in campaign metrics, only the goal of the campaign counts as a conversion. In all other views, any event defined by you as a conversion event will be counted as a conversion event.
Typically, a conversion event represents a revenue-generating moment during a visit. Completing a sale is a classic example of “conversion.” However, you can define any event you like as a conversion event.
Conversion rate - The number of conversion events divided by the number of visitors within the measured population. In campaigns, the measured population is campaign-eligible visitors, and only the event specified as the goal of the campaign counts as a conversion. In other analytics views, all events defined as a conversion event are included.
Depending on what events you define as conversion events, it can be possible for visitors to accrue several conversion events in a single visit. This may lead to overcounting and conversion rates above 100%. To avoid overcounting, make sure you only define an event as a conversion event if doing so is meaningful to your business.
Events - refers to all the actions performed by users while interacting with your mobile apps, website, CRM, server, beacon and campaigns.
Lift - the increase of a success metric for treated notifications as compared to untreated notifications. Positive lifts implies that a campaign is effective.
Measured population - the set of visitors included in any particular view or graph. For example: when viewing Segment Analytics, the measured population is all members of that segment; when viewing Tracker Analytics, the measured population is all visitors.
Order - Any event which includes a trackcharge property.
Page views per visit - The average number of unique pages (as defined by URLs) across all visitors in a measured population.
Revenue per visitor - The average revenue across all visitors in a measured population, as recorded using the trackcharge property.
Success metric - any of the several measurements used to determine the success (or failure) of a campaign. Current success metrics are:
Segments - collection of users who are joined together into groups based on common characteristics.
Sources - represent integration of Intempt with one of supported platforms (Shopify, HubSpot, Magento, POS system, etc.) or client's website/mobile app.
Time on site - the average length of visitor sessions across all visitors within the measured population.
Treated/untreated - all campaign-eligible visitors will receive campaign-related notifications. Treated notifications are visible to the visitor, and are sent in the hope of encouraging the user to take action. Untreated notifications are not visible to the user and are used to establish a control group for measuring the effectiveness of a campaign.
User A user of your app. (We try to restrict the word “admin user” to mean “a user of the Intempt application.”)
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