Intempt Platform

Intempt is a Customer Data Platform built on Open Data Stack for the needs of SaaS and eCommerce companies focusing to grow their customer LTV.



Create granular segments based on real-time user information and behavioral data.


Create automated engagement workflows to influence customers to engage more efficiently.


Derive insights on what factors are driving your customer lifecycle and measure profitability.

Predictive models

Identify patterns from the unified data and create engagement workflows with ML models.

Intempt difference

The Cloud era requires a less cumbersome, open technology that can cope with real-time streaming access. Intempt is an Open CDP that keeps your data accessible and allows to connect with any vendor avoiding data lock-in. Intempt has a suite of engagement tools so your team has everything they’ll need to grow customer LTV.

Customer Lifecycle Optimization


Unify all data into a single, persistent customer record so you can identify and activate your users immediately.


Automate cross-channel engagement touch points to deliver meaningful experiences where your customers are.


Get insights on the customer’s journey to follow up with offers and incentives to lift them towards the efficient frontier line.


The best way to explore Intempt Platform is by reading these pages and signing up for an account. You can connect with us on Slack and at our Help Center.
You can always email a real human at [email protected]. The founder reads every single email and a team member will get back to you. We are here to make you and your team successful with Intempt Platform!