With reports, you can analyze customer trends and display the data in various chart types. This tool it helps you to visually access the customer information such as:
  • Discover the actions users take after they sign up or before they make a purchase
  • Learn what your power users do differently than everyone else
  • Optimize customer acquisition by identifying behaviors
  • Explore your customers’ full experience - across all devices - to understand how each interaction is affecting the entire customer experience

Creating a report

Go to "Insight" tab and locate the "Reports" product. Once clicked on the product, click on "Add new report" button.
Add a descriptive name for the to be created report.
Configure the report by the following conditions:
  • Event-based report
  • Collection-based report
  • Segment-based report
  • Metrics-based report
Add filters to the specified conditions.
After clicking "Create report" button, the report will be provided in both graphical and table forms.

Report conditions and formula operators

Operators in the report editor allow you to define your report by using complex conditions. By clicking on "AND"/"OR" operators, you can specify how each report filter relates to the other.

Report formula

Report formula dynamically displays the report definition. Letters in blue color show the created filtering conditions within the Report (e.g. A and B). Letters between the conditions display the formula conditions between the filters. Filtering conditions which are in the brackets indicate that they must be prioritized in the formula. Moreover, once the formula has been inputted, user can check the validity of it by clicking "Validate" button.