Event comparison


Event comparison allows us to analyze how a selected event performs against a control event. You can select any metric as a basis of the comparison.
Event comparsion can be accessed inside the Event editor by selecting any created event.
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How to understand the data

Users - the count of users who has triggered the event
Metric output - (conversion rate in the example) measured performance during the selected timeframe.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly - select how the time frame is displayed in the graph.
Date selection - choose the timeframe of the data to be displayed. You can also select two timeframes to compare event analytics during different periods.
Compare event - how the selected event performs in comparison to another (control) event
Comapre Metric - select a metric to compare the event against.

Comparison graph

  • The yellow line in the graph shows how the metric performs in terms of the compared event during the 1st comparison date range.
  • The green line in the graph displays the metric performance in terms of the compared event during the 2nd comparison date range.
  • The bars in the graph display the total number of event completion count (daily/weekly/monthly).
  • Red/green arrows represent the change (delta) of the user count and metric performance during the selected time period.
  • Change displays the difference between the metric measurements on a selected date (appears after clicking on the line).
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