# Getting Started

This documentation covers the steps to integrate your data sources with Intempt Platform. We’ll also cover a few fundamentals of how your dashboard works and how to create sample events and segments to provide a 360° view of your users' journey.

# Step 1: Initial Set-Up

Create an organization and invite people to join your organization. Once you create an organization, you have access to the sources, collections, events, segments.

  1. Log-in to https://app.intempt.com
  2. Go to “Organization” tab right under “Settings” on the left task pane.
  3. Hit the “Create organization” button, fill up the required details.

# Step 2: SDK Integration

Connect your data sources with Intempt Platform through a Web Tracker of Intempt API

# Step 3: Collect the data

Using Intempt Platform you can track and pass user data and behavioral data (collection data) to your dashboard for all anonymous and identified users. You can use Built-in Collections (e.g. Visitor, Visit, Identify) or create Custom Collections (e.g. purchase, booking).

# Step 4: Create an Event

After configuring tracking and Collections data, you can create events for specific actions performed by users while interacting with your data sources.

# Step 5: Create a Segment

Decide which segments are essential to your business and start segmenting your users.

# Step 6: Start Engaging Users

You are ready to map created segments to your campaigns and begin engaging users.