# Five Steps to Success

There are five major steps to getting started with Intempt Platform. Follow these steps through to completion to create, test, and launch your own Personalization in your app.

Step Description Skillset Approx Duration
1. Understand what’s possible
  • Register on Intempt Platform
  • Create Org and decide Sources to integrate
  • Arrange for the Web App, iOS App, Servers to prepare to deploy Intempt SDK’s
  • Figure out how Identity will be captured across Sources
  • Prepare for Order data (if applicable) to collect orders and revenue
Non-technical < 1 day
2. Plan and Design
  • Document the Segments that will be created
  • Ensure the Events that capture User actions contain adequate information
  • Figure out what Profile properties are going to be used and that they’re collecting data
  • Document what experiences will be changed on Web and Messaging endpoints and how they will integrate into Segmentation API.
Non-technical ~1 week
3. Start Integratio (in Sandbox)
  • Access your API keys
  • Review technical guides
  • Decide which APIs/SDKs to use
  • Perform test transactions
  • Finalise development and design
Technical Resource dependent (see below)
4. Launch to End-Users!
  • Request to move to Production
  • Conduct an initial pilot
  • Fine-tune Segments and Experiences
  • Incorporate more use cases
  • Assess impact on KPIs, e.g. AOV, RPV, Conversion Rate
Non-technical Project dependent


Step 2 can be conducted in parallel with Step 3. Step 2 and Step 3 must be finalised before moving to Production and launching to end-users (Step 4).

# Technical Skills Requirement (Based on Recent Projects)

Skills Required Language (if applicable) Approx Duration
UX / UI designers n/a ~1 week
Front-end web developer HTML, CSS, JavaScript ~1 week
Back-end web developer (server-side SDKs) Java, Node, PHP, or Ruby 1-2 weeks
iOS developer Swift or Objective-C 1-2 weeks

We are forever making improvements to our APIs, SDKs, and documentation and expect these times to reduce over time.

# a. Sign-up on Intempt Platform

The first thing you need to do to get started with Intempt Platform is to sign-up for an account. You will have to activate your account using the activation link sent to you upon registration.


Intempt Platform is available on desktop only using either Chrome or Firefox. If you navigate to the sign-up link above on mobile, you will be allowed to proceed but we recommend a Desktop browser for the best experience. After you register you will immediately receive access to the Playground Organization. You should create your own Organization that will house your data in Sources.


# b. Choose Sources

During setup, for the Sources that you see yourself getting data from, you will create them. For a JS source, you will get a code snippet to deploy.



  • Refer to Intempt JS SDK and iOS SDK on Github to understand the configuration options when deploying the JS source.


For all Sources that are not of Web or iOS, you can directly call the Collections and Relations API to store data. You will need an API key which you can grab from the UI.


Collections and Relations are the heart of the CDP, which can store any data type. This is extensively documented at dev.intempt.com. If you need support with Sources or with API Sources, in particular, you can reach out to us at success@intempt.com.

# c. Create Events


Intempt allows you to look at data coming in from any Source and create an Event.



  • Choose a Source
  • The Source that is chosen will present the possible Collections. For example, the Web source will display Page, Interaction, Visit and Visitor
  • The iOS Source will display Scene, Launch, Interaction
  • The iOS Source with Beacon will display Entry and Exit
  • You can use these Collections to create AND and OR filters for the Properties of the Collection.

Once you associate the owner's address, the token set up process starts. This process involves running multiple blockchain transactions on Ethereum blockchain and OpenST Side Chains, so the process takes several minutes to complete.

# Create Event: Steps

Steps Description
1 Ensure an Organization is created
2 Ensure a Source is registered and collecting data
3 Create Event and choose the Source
4 The Source will list Collections. Choose a Collection
5 The Collection will list Properties. Choose a Property
6 Use the Operators available for the Data Type of the Property
7 Choose AND or OR
8 Continue creating Conditions till you have the definition you need
9 Hit Create Event
10 Rinse and repeat

# d. Create Segment



# Create Segment: Steps

Steps Description
1 Create Segment
2 Choose Has Done or Has Not Done for an event that has or has not occurred
3 Choose Count Of for an Event that needs to be counted
4 Choose a timeframe
5 Choose a Profile for any Profile properties that are registered (for the Sources in the system)
6 Choose an operator
7 Choose AND’s and OR’s to chain
8 Rinse and repeat

# e. Retrieve segments at real time

There are two ways to call Intempt and get Segment information. One is by querying a Segment for its Users and the other is by querying a User for its Segments.

Check out our [Retrieve Segments at Runtime]. We will update this guide with more detailed instructions shortly.