# Event Visualizer

# Overview

Event Visualizer is a graphical event editor that allows you to create interaction and pageview events. Easy to use, it’s intuitive point and click interface enables you to create events while viewing the actual page.

There are two type events you can create in Event Visualizer:

  • Interaction events
  • Pageview events

# Getting Started

If you want to set an event through Event Visualizer:

  • Select your organization
  • Go to Events (opens new window) -> Launch Event Visualizer for Web
  • From the dropdown, select your data source
  • Add the URL of the page you want to create an event
  • Click the “Launch” button


Depending on what type of event you want to create, select:

  • Definition Mode - to create an Interaction event
  • Define Pageview - to create Pageview event


“Normal mode” allows you to view the page as a visitor (no editing features).

You can also use the “Ctrl + /” shortcut to switch between different modes of the Event Visualizer.

# Definition Mode

Allows you to create interaction – click-type events.

  1. To Create an event, click on a specific part of the page (e.g., button, text, link)
  2. A new „Define Click Event“ window will appear
  3. Type in the event title (e.g., „Clicked „Start Free“) and description (optional)
  4. The event definition will be automatically filled in according to the type of interaction
  5. Click „Define Event, “ and a new event will be created


# Define Pageview

Allows you to create an event based on a page view (URL) visit.

  1. To create an event, click “Define Pageview”
  2. A new window will appear
  3. Type in the title (e.g., Homepage), URL box will be automatically filled by the page being viewed
  4. Click „Define Event, “ and a new event will be created


Events created via Event Visualizer can edited from the Intempt console https://app.intempt.com/events