# eCommerce Use Case

An Example of What's Possible with Intempt Platform

# Acquisition & Conversion Workflow

# Step 1: Personalized Web Experience

User: Judy needs to find a new dress for the Gala Dinner, which she will be attending with her husband next week. She has only several days left, so she hurries to place the order as soon as possible.

Judy visits Intempt Demo Store. She browses several dresses, views different accessories, registers, but disappointed with the selection, exits the website.

After a few hours, Judy decides to give it another shot. She downloads the Intempt Demo Store app. She opens the app, logs in and notices the new banners as well as a wide range of dress collections. Judy researches and spends some time thinking.

After a while, Judy returns to the Intempt Demo Store web site. To her surprise, the home page content has been updated since her last visit. After checking the sizes, she decides to make the purchase and selects A-Line Mini Dress in Blue from Aspesi.


Intempt Platform: After viewing the Dress collection category and accessing several other dress items, Judy is assigned to the "Category affinity: Dresses" segment. Once Judy re-opens the home page, the content changes to show personalized information for dress items. The same happens once Judy opens the app. During login, she enters her email and is identified as the same customer that has be been browsing in the web. The content changes both in the app and web site of Intempt Demo Store.


# Conversion Workflow

# Step 2: Product Suggestion Email

User: After three days, Judy receives an email with accessories that pair well with the purchased dress. Judy remembers that she also needs to find a bag that matches the look of her new Mini Dress. After doing some research, she decides to pick "Woven Oversized Tote in Red Stripe."

Intempt Platform: Judy has made a dress purchase before, but has not purchased any accessories. Based on her behavior on site, she is assigned to the "Product Suggestion" segment and after 3 days an email with product suggestion is sent to her email.


User: However, after receiving the product, Judy is dissatisfied with the quality. She considers returning the bag, but due to the Gala Dinner taking place just after four days, she leaves a 2-star review of the product instead.


# Step 3: Win-back SMS

User: After a day, Judy receives an SMS message apologizing for the inconvenience and inviting her to fill up the customer experience survey. She completes the survey, and after a few hours Intempt Demo Store customer success manager contacts her, apologizes for the situation, and offers her to send the new bag immediately (without waiting for the bag to be returned). Judy agrees with the offer, and after two days, she receives a new bag in perfect condition. In the package she also finds a gift-wrapped necklace with a note:

"In your box, we've included an amazing handcrafted necklace from a new crafter we're excited about. Thank you for choosing Intempt Demo Store! For every person you refer, we'll add this bonus gift to their order, and you'll earn a new bonus gift for yourself that will ship with your next box!"

Intempt Platform: Judy's negative review has been tracked by Intempt Platform. After placing an order and leaving a negative review, she is now a part of "Negative Review" segment. Intempt Demo Store links an SMS message to the segment that has left a review with less than 3 stars and made an actual purchase.


# Retention Workflow

# Step 4: Push Notification Reminder

User: Delighted with the quick solution and the gift provided, Judy shares a special referral code with her friend Vanessa.

After a day, Judy receives a push notification to her mobile phone that she earned a special gift for referring to her friend Vanessa. The message also includes a link to the new Aspesi dress collection – branded clothing that Judy preferred. Excited to receive a unique surprise gift, she browses the catalog and finds another model that she could wear for her upcoming Vanessa's wedding anniversary party.

Intempt Platform: After sending the referral, Judy is assigned to the "Referal - Aspesi" segment. She is now a part of the segment - she sent a referral and purchased the Aspesi brand items. Due to that reason, she receives a personalized notification with the brand offering.


# Step 5: VIP Invitatiom

User: After Judy preorders the dress, she receives an email invitation to join the exclusive Intempt Demo Store VIP club. For every purchase, Judy would get an additional 2% discount, and with every three purchases, she would be qualified to select a unique gift accessory from the Intempt Demo Store.

Intempt Platform: Judy's last purchase was the trigger that activated the message. At that moment, her Lifetime Value reached $500. This was when the segment was activated, and Judy received a timely invitation to become the store's VIP.


# Step 6: VIP Content Promotion

User: Judy logs in to the Intempt Demo Store and notices a new banner that invites her to subscribe for a VIP service to receive monthly surprise clothing from her favorite brands. As a VIP, she would be eligible for the 50% discount if she chooses a six-month subscription model. Judy clicks on the banner and subscribes to the service.

Intempt Platform: After reaching the VIP status, Judy is in a new segment VIP segment. She receives personalized web content change based on her loyalty status (VIP) and purchasing behavior (prefers dress).