For both the created Client-side and Server-side experiments the Variants tab displays the list of available variants. From this tab, you can edit, add, and delete the experiment variants.

From the Variants tab you can access the list of created and configured experiment variants. Moreover, after creating a new variant, you need to distribute your users among the created variants and the control group.

Example: let's say you want to run an experiment on a sample of 1000 users. You have created 3 experiment variants. Thus, you distribute the sample in the following way:

  • Variant A - 250 users
  • Variant B - 250 users
  • Variant C - 400 users
    -Control group - 100 users

Note that the control group distribution is not configurable. The figure is calculated automatically based on the variant distribution. Additionally, with a single click, you can distribute your users evenly among the variants.