Page builder


Page builder is an editor where users can create personalized web snippets that can be shown on specified pages of your website to a specified audience to drive engagement and conversion. They are executed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Creating a Web layer

Under the Content tab locate and click the Page builder object. Once in the object, click on the Create page button. There are two possibilities for designing your page:

  • Editing the parameters in the visual editor
  • Changing the code HTML/CSS directly

HTML editor

With the HTML editor you can create a fully customized design by inserting and editing raw HTML code. Liquid tags can be used to insert personalized content into your HTML blocks, such as attributes, product information, or recommendations.


Visual editor

With the Visual editor you can design custom pages without requiring to use of complex HTML and CSS coding. Via drag and drop editor you can quickly design your preferred layer and use it in templates or embed it on your site.


Using the Web layers

Email templates

You can use created pages directly in any Email template by inserting the Reference string field into the message body.



You can use our APIs to dynamically display the created layer on your site.