Metric comparison


The Metric comparison functionality allows users to compare 2 already created Metric differences in a graphical form.

Accessing the Metric comparison

NOTE: To be able to compare the Metrics, there should be at least 2 Metrics created.

In the Metrics page above the created Metrics, locate and click on the Compare metrics button. Additionally, users can enter the Metric comparison flow from the created segment by clicking on the Compare metrics button from the Metric.


After clicking the button, users will be directed to the Compare metrics screen where they should specify the metrics to be compared from the dropdowns. 1990

Once the metrics have been selected, users will be able to access the Metric statistics graphically. 1994

Date range granularity

The graph granularity can be selected from:

  • Day (D)
  • Week (Wk)
  • Month (Mo)
  • Year (Yr)
  • Custom

The selection can be made in the upper left corner of the graph.


Line/Bar switch

Users can switch between the Line chart and Bar chart via a Line/Bar switch.



To view numerical data at a certain point in time on the graph simply hover over the data point. While hovering, statistics will be shown.