Manual scoring


The Scoring attributes feature allows you to assign scores for specific customer actions. Each score is created out of a combination of one or more rules that have specific scoring configurations attached. Each rule consists of conditions that can be created out of these objects:

  • Events
  • Metrics
  • Attributes
  • Segments

How to create a Scoring attribute

Under the Attributes object, locate and click on the Add new attribute button. Add a descriptive name for the attribute.


Choose the attribute type:
  • Users
  • Accounts

From the switch, select the Score option. 352

Configure the score with the following conditions:
  • Events
  • Metrics
  • Attributes
  • Segments

NOTE: the editor for Scoring attributes follows the same pattern and logic as the Segment editor.


When adding multiple conditions to the score, specify the AND/OR operators. If you have multiple conditions, configure the formula, whether multiple conditions should be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. 1248

Scoring rule

The Scoring rule allows you to define how should the scores be defined to a user. There are two types available:

  • Static
  • Dynamic - segment membership conditions are dynamic. For example, you can select VIP customers segment as a condition and add 5 points if a customer enters the segment. However, if customer later exits the segment the 5 points score is automatically subtracted (the same logic applies if the customer re-enters the segment again).

Select if you want to subtract or add points. 1402

Select if points should be added/removed once or multiple times depending on the number of times the conditions are triggered. 1408

Add the indicated amount of points to be added/removed. 1372

Select point expiration. If you want those points would not to have an expiration date, select never. 644

Using the Scores

Users list

You can display scores for all users in the organization in the User list table. Under Columns select the scores which you want to display. Click on the column title if you want to sort users based on their score results.


User details

You can display individual user scores on the User details page under the Attributes section