Intempt's platform consists of 3 main hierarchies:

  • Account
  • Organization
  • Project

Each level defines access to various platform objects, such as billing, access management, etc.

Account hierarchy

The created account has the highest hierarchy, and thus, has control over multiple organizations (created ones) and Projects. However, every level of the hierarchy has its own RBAC and settings. From the Account hiearchy user can:

  • Manage their profile settings
  • Access Organizations to which they have been invited
  • Create new Organizations


Organization hierarchy

The Organization hierarchy is the middle layer of the platform. Organizations can have multiple users and multiple Projects within them.

From the Organization hierarchy users, given the access rights can:

  • Create new Projects
  • Access Projects to whcih they have been invited
  • Add new members to the Organization
  • Update Organization member access rights (given the access rights)
  • Manage Billing and subscription plans (given the access rights)
  • Manage Organization settings (given the access rights)


Project hierarchy

The Project hierarchy stands below the Organization hierarchy. Every organization can have multiple projects. A project is any undertaking in respect of the potential product, feature, or data from the platform customer’s perspective. Within the Project hierarchy, objects, such as Sources, Destinations, Events, Segments, etc. can be created, updated, deleted, etc.