The Display allows you to set up the Experiment's visual aspects, such as target device and URLs.


Configure whether the Experiment should be shown only Once, Once per visit, or Always:

  • Once - the experiment will be shown only once for the whole period of running the experiment.
  • Once per visit - the experiment will be shown only once between the start and end sessions
  • Always - the experiment will be shown all the time for each visit, each day, and after each page refresh even when the user closes the web layer.


Target devices

Configure which devices the Experiment should be run on. For example, if you have selected the "Mobile" option, the experiment will only be shown for users who are accessing your platform from a mobile device.


Show on

You can select the desired platform URLs to show the experiment on. For instance, you have started configuring the Experiment on URL_1. However, you have noticed that certain pages are similar. Thus, you can add additional URLs to show the experiment.



You can choose to display the experiment instantly or set a specific time period in which the experiment is shown. Let's say, you want to run the experiment on certain users in a different timezone. You know that they are most active during day time and on weekends. Thus, you schedule the experiment to be run on weekends at a certain time window.