Data Retention
As processors of its customers’ data and to protect the privacy of information it stores, Intempt holds data no longer than is needed to provide its services. To further support this, Intempt has implemented the following data retention policy:


Policy: By default, events are available for 60 days; i.e., you can segment users if the event is done/not done in the last 60 days. Event retention period is extendible on request.
Reason: Preserving events beyond 60 days will increase your segmentation time, thus delaying your sending time. In most cases, user activity beyond 60 days provides minimal incremental value to your marketing performance because of the lost context.

Users (anonymous)

Policy: Users who are not identified AND have been inactive for 60 days are archived automatically.
Reason: Saving unidentified, unreachable and inactive users inflates your user base and deteriorates performance. It increases segmentation and journey processing time (since the platform will be scanning more data).

Users (identified)

Policy: Users who are identified and haven't been active and haven't received any messaging action(push/email / SMS) for the last 1 year are archived automatically.
Reason: Saving users for a long time unnecessarily degrades the performance of your data activities on Intempt; we have a default 1 year, which can also be customized as required.


This policy includes organizations that were deleted through the Organization Settings -- deleting a project through the Organization Settings triggers a soft deletion. The data in the deleted or reset project will remain stored in Intempt for 60-90 days, after which it will be hard deleted and unrecoverable.