Getting started

Destinations are the platforms that receive data from Intempt for the purposes of analytics, retargeting, sending emails, messages or any other specific use-case.
When you send data from Intempt to a destination, Intempt will automatically make the right API calls to move the data into the destination.
For a complete list of destinations supported, checkout the Destinations page.

Types of Destinations

Data destination
How it works
Select which events or segments should trigger the message or push notification to be delivered to the user. Deliver personalized emails only to those users who will take a particualar action or will be in a defined segment
Twilio, SendGrid
Service desk
Initiate Freshdesk operations triggered by users activating events and segments
Raw data
Send data from mobile apps, web pages and more to Webhooks without any custom development required
Streamline conversion, tracking, and remarketing, so marketers can manage ads from one platform
Google Ads, Facebook
Streamline operations and take control of your data. Instead of creating siloed integrations, unify your data in a central repository
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