Sources vs Destinations

Intempt has Sources and Destinations concept. Sources send data into Intempt, while Destinations receive data from Intempt.


Destinations are the platforms that receive data from Intempt for the purposes of analytics, retargeting, sending emails, messages or any other specific use-case.
When you send data from Intempt to a destination, Intempt will automatically make the right API calls to move the data into the destination.
For a complete list of destinations supported, checkout the Destinations page.

Types of Destinations

Intempt supports three kinds of destinations:

App Destinations

App destinations are the most common type of destination. An app destination is a third party tool that processes your data in some way. Analytics, CRM, eCommerce and email marketing tools are all app destinations.

Advertising Destinations (coming soon)

The advertising destinations let you send data to advertising platforms to target ads to your users.
Last modified 25d ago